Form I-766


The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) is phasing in a new Employment Authorization Documentation (EAD), the I-766. This document will be a card issued to aliens who are authorized to work temporarily in the United States. While the document is being phased in, some work-authorized aliens will continue to receive their work authorization on the existing EAD, the I-688B, and both cards will remain in circulation. The I-688B will continue to be issued and remain valid until the expiration date on the individual card. In addition, most aliens who are authorized to work only for a specific employer will continue to receive their authorization on Form I-94 (Arrival-Departure Record). Not all people who are employment authorized are eligible for HHS programs; many are authorized to work while waiting for a hearing at INS to determine their status.

The light blue printing around the INS Seal and the dark blue printing around the words “EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION CARD” are microprinting. In other words, though they may appear as solid lines from a distance, they are actually words in extremely small print. You do not need to attempt to read the words.

(Not to scale)

You should be able to see holograms of the STATUE OF LIBERTY, the letters “U.S.A.,”and the

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Immigration and Naturalization Service


The person identified is authorized to work in the U.S. for the validity of this card.



words “U.S.




Immigration and Naturalization Service.”





INS A# A123456789




CARD # LIN9695152525




Birthdate Category Sex

09/13/57 A-6 F

Country of Birth


Terms and Conditions






CARD VALID FROM 02/02/97 EXPIRES 05/13/99



The front of the card contains information about the authorized alien, such as name, birthdate, and INS

A number.” The work authorization expiration date appears in a box at the bottom of the card. In certain circumstances, the card may not bear a fingerprint. When it does not, the words “fingerprint not available” will appear on the right side of the face of card.


||||||||||||||||||||| ||||| |||||| ||||||||| | | |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||




This card is not evidence of U.S. citizenship or permanent residence.

This document is void if altered, and may be revoked by the

Immigration and Naturalization Service. FORM I-766 Rev. (01-03-96)


On the back of the card, the number and bar code at the top are etched into the surface and will feel rough to the touch.

(Rev. May 1, 1999)